Winter 2019 Update

Application update

RBK and MVDC have described the application as “logical”, “well-researched” and “well-presented”.

Unfortunately, some residents and local businesses were informed by the MRRA Chair that the application was for a completed plan and that they should oppose it. This has resulted in some both supporting and opposing the application.

There were three options available to us:

  1. continue with the original application,
  2. amend the Neighbourhood Area, thereby voiding the previous consultation and requiring another to be staged, or
  3. withdraw the application and resubmit it.

Following a discussion with RBK we are opting for the third option. I have also identified a minor flaw in the original application that could cause us a few problems between 2025 and 2029 – this can also be addressed now. A revised application will therefore be submitted in the next few weeks.

Whilst this will result in a later designation date than we had planned for, this does not cause us a problem as we will not have sight of RBK’s new strategic policies until later in the year. The publication of the draft Local Plan has once again been delayed – there are still some unresolved issues with the new London Plan which are having a knock-on effect..

Housing Quota update

The Mayor has accepted some of the Panel Report’s recommendations. RBK’s proposed annual Housing Quota has been reduced by 29% from 1,364 new units a year to 964 new units a year. This is good news for RBK residents – RBK’s new Local Plan will now only have to deliver 21,208 new units by 2041 instead of 30,008.

This new target, however, will still require RBK to be building at an average of 723 new units a year from 2021 if it is to avoid sanctions. For the Malden Rushett Neighbourhood Area, RBK will only need to be building at an average of 434 new units a year for us to avoid sanctions.

Currently RBK is averaging around 500 new units a year.

When a local authority is sanctioned its residents cannot prevent applications they consider to be inappropriate if they are in accord with NPPF(2019).

Projections suggest that RBK could be sanctioned for a prolonged period, possibly for up to 10 years. It is clearly in the best interests of residents for the lower target to be in force if they wish to prevent inappropriate development in the village!

Content of the plan

The content of our Neighbourhood Plan will be decided by the whole community following an extensive consultation. Over the last three years residents have been putting forward ideas for the plan as well as some red lines they would like us to have. You can view and rate these on the website – you can also add your own suggestions too.

(Members without an Internet connection will be given an opportunity to do this on paper in the Summer)

January – June 2020

There are three main objectives for the next six months:

Prepare and submit the documentation for the new application
Encourage all residents and employees to register – if the plan is to be robust, it will need to reflect the views of everyone in the community.
Prepare a revised roadmap with a target completion date of November 2022 (RBK could have difficulties passing the Housing Delivery Test then).

Finally, if you would like to help or have any relevant skills you can offer, please do get in touch.