Anyone who lives or works in Malden Rushett can take part in the process of preparing our Neighbourhood Plan.

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There are up to 600 individuals who live or work in Malden Rushett, all of which are entitled to have a say in our Neighbourhood Plan.

Many people lead busy lifestyles and are unable to attend a two hour evening meeting to discuss local issues. Employees who live outside the village are also unlikely to be able to attend such meetings.

In order to fully engage the community in the process much of the discussion and decision making will be conducted online. This will enable everyone to participate at a time that is convenient for them.

Monthly summaries


These will enable those not wishing to be involved with the detail of the plan to be kept informed as the plan evolves.

A monthly summary on the website allows everyone to review our progress at a time that is convenient for them.

Online discussions


Our website provides a platform to have discussions.

Topics for discussion will be posted on the website and comments invited. This allows everyone to contribute to a discussion at a time that is convenient for them.

Online surveys


Our website provides a platform to conduct surveys.

Opinions on issues and solutions will be actively sought on a regular basis. A number of short surveys will inform the team working on the plan and assist with its content.

Transparent and Open


All information and discussions will be available on the website.

A transparent and open process that allows everyone to contribute to the plan and review its progress will ensure that the final plan represents the views of the whole community.



Speakers will be invited to address the community to help inform the decision making process.

In addition to our Annual General Meeting occasional meetings will be scheduled with a guest speaker. We will explore options to broadcast these on social media to allow those unable to attend to participate.


Planning Rules

All decisions in a Neighbourhood Forum are made by its members.

A Management Committee will be elected to oversee the process and to ensure it remains on track. They will secure the appropriate grant finance and ensure that all activities are compliant with the appropriate legislation.

Two teams will work on preparing the plan. One will be responsible for assessing the data and finding practical solutions to present to the community, the other will be responsible for ensuring the whole community is kept informed.

An online working environment not only provides everyone with the opportunity to participate, it also significantly reduces the costs of regularly printing leaflets.

Saving this expenditure allows our Locality grant to be used to commission evidence based reports that will underpin the policies in our Neighbourhood Plan.

We acknowledge though that around 5% of households in Malden Rushett have no Internet connection. Leaflets will still be prepared to ensure these are able to participate and a team of Internet Buddies will regularly liaise with these households.

If you would like to assist with the Communication Team, the Drafting Team or to stand for the Management Committee let us know.

MRC has adopted a process that will manage the workload efficiently allowing your time and effort to be used productively.

Whether you have a spare hour each month or a spare hour each day there are a number of  important tasks to be done to ensure that the final plan is a success.


Find out how the plan will be compiled


Find out how the plan will be structured


Find out how the plan will be delivered

Neighbourhood Planning

A new tier in a Local Plan that allows communities to write planning policies for their area.

Our Plan

How our Plan will be written.