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The Management Committee

  • ensures that the activities of MRC are fully compliant with all appropriate legislation

  • devises and maintains a schedule to deliver a completed Neighbourhood Plan within the permitted timeframe

  • promotes the purpose and activities of MRC to all residents and businesses in the Neighbourhood Area

  • conducts negotiations on behalf of the community with the RBK Planning Office to secure the optimum outcome for the village in the emerging Local Plan

The Management Committee can have between 4 and 12 members and shall meet once every three months.

Each committee member assumes responsibility for a role most suited to their skillset - roles can be shared or combined to suit the make up of the committee.

Ideally the committee should include residents of all age groups and it should also be representative of the range of opinions held by residents in the village.

What would I be committing myself to?

As a Management Committee member you would be committed to attending four focused committee meetings annually lasting up to 90 minutes. Any tasks associated with the role you adopt can be undertaken at a time convenient for you.

Time is precious and MRC will be using a process that will ensure your time is used efficiently and productively.

The role of the Management Committee is to "steer the ship" through the next three stages ensuring that a final draft of the plan is ready by 30th September 2022.

The majority of the workload required for producing that plan will be the extensive community consultation that will take part in 2019/2020, a task that will be undertaken by the Communications Team. Following that consultation a full range of available policy options will be prepared by the Drafting Team.

You can of course also volunteer to be part of those teams if you wish!

With RBK currently preparing a new Local Plan, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the residents of Malden Rushett to determine the future of the village and a chance for us to eliminate future inappropriate planning applications.

Let’s make it happen!

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