Malden Rushett Neighbourhood Plan

2019 - 2041


New planning rulebook

A new rulebook was published in July 2018 which makes a number of significant changes to the planning system.

  • new rules designed to speed up the planning application process
  • sanctions for local authorities and local communities that fail to meet their planning obligations

Neighbourhood Plans

A new 3 tier planning system allows communities to write policies for their own area that form part of the Local Plan.

  • policies that promote sustainable growth
  • how strategic policies are applied locally
  • additional protection for sites and community assets

Neighbourhood Forum

A platform that offers everyone who lives or works in the area an equal say in the decision making process.

  • all decisions regarding the scope and content of a Neighbourhood Plan need to be agreed by the majority of the Forum

What can we do with a Neighbourhood Plan?

Stop speculative developers

Provide extra protection for vulnerable Green Belt sites

Community decides what houses are built and where

Improve local infrastructure

Protect community facilities

Create a Community Park and Nature Reserve

Better public transport

Affordable housing for members of the community

Have Your Say

Register with our website to have your say in our Neighbourhood Plan

There is no membership fee

How we use your data

Your Postal Address, Whether you live or work in the village, Your Age Group

is used

  • to identify whether you qualify for full or affiliate membership


  • to demonstrate that the membership satisfies the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.

This information is required to become a member of a Neighbourhood Forum.

Your Email Address

is used to send you monthly progress reports and notifications of Meetings and Full Votes.

Your Opinions

Responses to consultations and surveys will be aggregated and anonymised when published.

Lend A Hand

If you can spare an hour each month your help will be appreciated

Management Committee

Help us to run this Community Project

Committee roundtable


Join a Team and help make a difference


Internet Buddies

Connecting with non-Internet households


What we will be doing

  • Informing the community of the new planning rules and their consequences
  • Identifying potential ambiguities that developers could exploit and clarifying them
  • Establishing the community's red lines
  • Securing the optimal outcome that reflects the majority opinion
  • Ensuring future growth is sustainable and managed

Writing the Neighbourhood Plan


Find out how the plan will be compiled


Find out how the plan will be structured


Find out how the plan will be delivered

MRC Blog

Latest News and Views

Our Plan

How our Plan will be written.

Our Facebook group has been keeping the community informed since November 2016 with news and updates during power failures and Internet outages.

The group has helped to reunite three pets and provided a live commentary for a planning appeal. It also serves as a platform for residents to ask for help or to share events, and for local self-employeds to advertise their services.

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