Housing Delivery Test Results 2019

The delayed Housing Delivery Tests for 2019 have been published.

RBK completed 495 units for the financial year 2018/2019.

This chart compares the number of houses RBK is building with the targets needed to avoid sanctions.

When sanctions are applied, the MRRA will be unable to prevent any planning application that residents consider to be inappropriate if complies with NPPF(2019).

If RBK doesn’t improve on its current housebuilding average of 499 new units a year, the MRRA will only be successful in opposing applications it considers to be inappropriate if the village has a Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans cannot be prepared by Residents Associations – a community needs to set up a Neighbourhood Forum to do this.

The targets are based on the recently reduced proposed London Plan quota for RBK of 934 new units per year.