FACT CHECK: Reducing traffic on the A243

How has the MRRA determined that residents have always favoured a “slip” road without consulting them?

The slip road proposal also does not address the problem that RBK is trying to address – to remove traffic that uses the A243 to travel between the A3 and the M25.

Up to 3,000 new homes will be built in Chessington over the next 20 years (1,000 for each Crossrail 2 station). In order to avoid gridlock in Hook and to improve air quality for local residents, it will be necessary to find an alternative route for this through traffic.

The RBK option achieves this.

In Figure 5: Transport Improvements (below) traffic travelling from the M25 to the A3 would be diverted to the east of the village (connecting to Epsom) and then to a new junction on the A3.

The “slip” road option only connects the A3 to CWoA car parks.