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Malden Rushett Community (MRC) is the Neighbourhood Forum established to write a Neighbourhood Plan for Malden Rushett.

A Neighbourhood Plan has to be written by a "qualified body"[1]. A Neighbourhood Forum is a new type of community group designed to be such a qualified body.

  • Its membership is open to all individuals who live or work in the community
  • All members have an equal say in the decision making process

A Neighbourhood Forum is not a replacement for, or a competitor to a Residents Association.

A Residents Association is typically a voluntary organisation that undertakes numerous tasks on behalf of residents from ensuring the "smooth running" of the village to representing the community at planning hearings. It cannot, however, write planning policies for the community.

A Neighbourhood Forum has one sole purpose - to write planning policies for the community, a task that has to be completed within five years.


Once that task is completed the Neighbourhood Forum shuts down and the Neighbourhood Plan is monitored and managed by the MRRA.

MRC can also access grants to help improve the community. It can protect valuable community assets and develop long term policies to manage the community's growth at a pace determined by the community rather than the developer.

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Our Plan

How our Plan will be written.

Neighbourhood Planning

A new tier in a Local Plan that allows communities to write planning policies for their area.

Our Plan

How our Plan will be written.